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when it comes to the summer all you really need to wear are shorts. you could wear a dress. here are some examples    GIRLS WHEN IT COMES TO NAIL POLISH DO BRIGHT COLORS. go to make your own beauty products for designs to make Ur self.

i luv these skirts and their so in right now

courtesy to the following,, which is where  i got all of these pictures
here are some of the latest fashion trends can will have you  rocking. 

BOYS                                                                                                        GIRLS
hey ladies this has fashion for funky fresh, stylish and
rs. you will find something for you

these outfits would sure help you ROCK YOUR SCHOOL!!!! :)

most fall clothes have fall colors and some
 of them have long sleeves but not all

FOR the fall it is always good to wear skinny jeans. 
what i love about skinny jeans is that you can really try to rock 
them any season. for the all back-to-school season everyone wants to
make a good impressions. wear your skinny jeans
a tank top and it goes with heels or flats accessorize with loop earrings 
and you've got an outfit. you can add more to accessorize but don't add too 
much. it could change the whole outfit

fall 2012 fashion trends
when wearing an outfit remember fall colors. just have fun

casual outfits 2012
THIS is a casual outfit can be worn anytime
fall outfits 2012
has a lot of accesories
fall 2012 fashion trends

WHAT YOU CAN  notice from all the fall items have light long sleeved. most
of them have fall colors like red,orange,yellow,and green

all fashion trends are from (

for the men/guys this has everything you need everyday
fluffing your  hair will sure to woo the ladies.

Lanvin fall winter 2011 2012 menswear shoes bags accessories snekers tie belt must have fashion trends izandrew www izandrew blogspot com izandrew008for the guys all you really need are jeans, some shoes and a shirt and if you want a jacket (light jacket in the fall)


  1. hi teen.c i luv ur fashion tips dey work for me perfectly. plz post some back to school ones. i need it despertly for school. rock on

  2. thx 4 eplyin 2 ma request

  3. i luv the fashion tips but sometimes u cant see da colours real good


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