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Aug 9, 2012

the top 10 teen songs of the month

1. as long as you love me- Justin bieber (big Sean) me maybe- Carly ray jepsen
3.wide awake- Katy Perry
4.some nights- fun
5.good time-  owl city feat. Carly ray jepsen
6.want u back- Cher Lloyd
7.lights- Ellie goulding
8.blow me (one last kiss) - pink
9. somebody that i used to know- gotye feat. kimbra
10.whistle - Flo rida
                                                                          Hope you like these songs. if you haven't heard them

puzzle time

here's another fun puzzle. do it to reveal the picture. send in comments on the kind puzzles u wuld like

Online jigsaw puzzles from


here is another jigsaw puzzle. send in requests of the kinda puzzles you want.

Online jigsaw puzzles from

jigsaw puzzles

Hey guys here are some jigsaw puzzles. but u can make ur own at enjoy

Online jigsaw puzzles from